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Behind Bookshelves

Resources for Educators on Book Censorship

Welcome to Behind Bookshelves, a resource hub designed to support educators in learning about and fighting against book censorship in the classroom.


Increase in educational gag order bills, which prevent or limit educators from giving instruction on or related to sexual orientation, gender expression, or race from 2021 - 2023


Instances of books banned from 2021 to 2023, according to PEN America

Book Burning: Censorship is Becoming a Pattern
Made by Kamtoya Okeke, in collaboration with EveryLibrary

Book Burning: Censorship is Becoming a Pattern

What is Book Censorship?

Book censorship involves the removal or restriction of books because it contains ideas, themes, or content considered objectionable by a certain group or individual.


This guide is designed to provide educators with the tools, resources, and support in everything from learning about censorship and teaching it, to actively combating it.


Challenge censorship and champion the right to read at your school and for your community.

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