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Senior Project


Senior Product

Senior Project is a required course in which seniors select a modern-day issue to delve into throughout the school year. Students develop an arguable research question, read research, write an argumentative research paper, and develop a product that addresses the issue.

Senior Product is the most open-ended segment of the Senior Project, which can involve anything from creating a social media page, filming and editing a documentary, writing legislation, and more. This website is the educator-focused segment of this product, following lessons taught at a local middle school.

About the Creator

Kamtoya Okeke is a high school senior at School Without Walls in Washington, DC. As an avid reader and strong believer in the freedom of expression, she maintains that all students and people should have access to diverse literature. She became a passionate advocate against book censorship as she saw news about book bans surge during the pandemic.

This website was made with the guidance of Sabrina Baêta, PEN America Freedom to Read Program Manager, and Patrick Sweeney, Political Director at EveryLibrary.

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