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Take a stand against censorship by advocating and organizing in your community.

More than ever, educators face challenges not only in teaching their subjects but also in safeguarding intellectual freedom in the classroom.


Students feel safe in environments where they are acknowledged, appreciated, and understood: a school should be one of them.

Library Book Shelves


Sign and share these petitions to help educators and schools in your community and around the country protect the freedom of expression and promote equal access to books.


If you need to launch a campaign against book bans in your school or community, visit


Need practical guidance in organizing anti-book ban campaigns and navigating challenges as librarians and schools?


Check out EveryLibrary Institute's Fighting for the First Amendment Webinar Series.

Red Wine & Blue is a national nonprofit which organizes suburban women to fight right-wing extremism in their communities and around the country. Their website contains information on their campaigns, events, training, and more: all of which help organizers take a stand against censorship and extreme conservatism.

NCAC is an organization of several nonprofits around the country that promote the freedom of expression. Their website contains censorship news and resources for students, teachers, activists, parents, and librarians, among others.

NCTE is an organization of English teachers across the US all levels of education. They offer support through advocacy, research, and professional developpment oportunities.

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