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Key Facts and Figures


Increase in book bans in schools from the 2021-22 school year to 2022-23, according to PEN America.

Research Thesis

Some parents and educators argue that book censorship in middle and high school is necessary to shield adolescents from potentially controversial or mature content based on religious and moral ideals and potential negative impacts on students’ mental health. However, book censorship is based on a legally flawed book-challenging system, leads to decreased critical thinking skills and unpreparedness for the future, and actively promotes a narrow view of the world by alienating and excluding underrepresented groups.

Main Arguments

Recommended Sources

List of recommended sources I found useful in writing my Senior Project paper and creating this website.


The following three people spoke to me about their advocacy and beliefs when I was getting started on my Senior Project paper. These interviews were particularly insightful.

Michelle Beavers
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